Antiterrorism Consulting is the first consulting engineering company specialized in consultancy and assessment of the terrorist threat specific for companies and for critical infrastructure.

What is industrial terrorism? Industrial terrorism is the terrorism whose sole purpose is to strike the heart of the business and critical infrastructure of a nation, trying to create the greatest economic damage and thereby obtain a strong impact on national and international public opinion.

Why was Antiterrorism Consulting born? Antiterrorism Consulting was born to bridge the technological gap in many European countries, combining military standards in the defense of industrial and critical infrastructure, thus making the structure RESISTANT, and then the engineering  vision of the terrorism, making the structure RESILIENCE at the threat of a probable attack.

This way, we have a vision of both the military and engineering terrorist threats, this way we combine costs & benefits.

What does it mean to have a RESISTANT & RESILIENCE structure?
Resistant structure means having a structure capable of defending itselfe against attack and / or terrorist sabotage.
Resilience structure means having a structure capable of  to return to 100% in the shortest possible time, making useless the damage caused by the terrorist attack.

Why should you consider the security of an industrial plant including the terrorist threat?
The damage caused by sabotage and / or terrorist attacks can lead to total closure if the companies don't consider the terrorist threat.
Because in this new global order governed by economic crisis and high national debt, national governments do not have the resources to defend and protect all the structures, including industrial one. This way the industries are to be left alone to face a threat completely unprepared.




Antiterrorism Consulting is a Business Unit of Minerva Systems Engineering.


Antiterrorism Consulting consultant Anti / Terrorism Anti Terrorism critical infrastructures protection standards procedures Antiterrorism Consulting consultant Anti / Terrorism Anti Terrorism critical infrastructures protection standards procedures