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EXIT is avaiable for:

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When you need to Know, you need “EXIT - Explosion Simulation Tool”!

When there is a terrorist threat, or you are in the presence of suspicious activity, and you don’t know what is the STAND-OFF DISTANCE, you have to use “EXIT” and you will get the answers by providing simple information on conseguence of IED and stand-off distance map-based.


The app is designed to be used by everyone!! “EXIT” is a software that calculates the stand-off distance and it analyzes the possible scenario that could result from explosion of IED selected.
To analyze the threat, you do NOT NEED any internet connection. “EXIT” uses the internal processor to perform all calculations. In this way, if you have to use the app during the extreme condition, and there is any lack of signal of telephone networks, the app will continue to give the results that you need to analyze the situation.
The app also uses the function maps, so you can save the location of threat, and see the stand-off distance to hold. If you find yourself within the threat, and you come out of the danger zone, the app will alert you through a notification that you are out of "Stand-off Distance”.

“EXIT“ is software that allows you to calculate a set of values resulting from the explosion of an IED of a quantity of TNT equivalent pre-set and chosen according to the list of threats. These values are:
•    Stand-Off Distance
•    Pressure of shock wave (kPa - psi)
•    Shock wave speed (km/h - mph)
•    Time of arrival of shock wave (msec)
•    Damage on Structure

The results obtained are not from a table, but they are calculated every time you enter the values. The process of calculation used is one of the most complex in the world in the calculation of the simulations of explosions.

The IED data is based on criteria set by
FEMA 426 - Reference Manual to Mitigate Potential Terrorist Attacks Against Buildings
National CounterTerrorism Center - Calendar 2014.
The values of pressure, time of arrival, shock wave speed are based on: UFC 3-340-02, STRUCTURES TO RESIST THE EFFECTS OF ACCIDENTAL EXPLOSIONS, U.S. Department of Defense

Features of the software include:
•    Display IED Mandatory Stand-Off Distance for 8 pre-defined bomb sizes
•    Display information about possible consequence on explosion of IED pre-defined
•    Notification when you leave the Stand-Off zone, if you are inside the Stand-Off zone.
•    All threat analysed are displayed on maps, with functionality like zoom, current location, and map/satellite/hybrid views
•    Choice of the type of explosive among 88 different explosives
•    Sharing location of threat and the Evacuation Distance

The purpose of the app is to help ordinary people to understand the real emergency situations and adopt the right stand-off distances during the emergency situations.
Minerva Systems Engineering will have no liability, criminal or otherwise regarding the use of the app “EXIT”.
Minerva Systems Engineering will have no liability for damage to people, property or business interruption that may ensue from the use of the app.

The version is "full optional" and there are no in-app purchases.

Please note: notifications may be delayed due to the GSM network, GPS and other factors, and it may not work in case of lack of signal of telephone networks. If you are in danger, please use the “map function” to know your actual position.









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